Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hard to post . . .

. . . when you aren't playing anything at the moment. For various and sundry reasons, I not only have failed to play a game in the last couple of weeks, I also have not had a lot of time for painting. As a consequence, I just haven't had much to say - I could post daily "lack of progress" posts when it comes to my pile of lead, but frankly, I would run out of good excuses in a week or so. And, I am trying not to theory-machine all that much - I need to try armies actually on the table.

But, I do have some minor news - the 4 Blackbane's Raiders are trimmed and primed, and I should have them done soon. I have base colors done on three Khador MoW. I have gotten some base colors done on a couple of Khador jacks as well, and I have Sturm & Drang mostly reassembled, after his little accident. I started getting Maelok put together as well.

And, if you head on over to Clockwork Arms, you can find this post. It's a step-by-step guide to magnetizing and painting one of the new Vyre myrmidons. And, it arrived for me in the mail today. I'm a happy, happy camper - and I can only hope that the press ganger who got the Bokur that I painted a few weeks ago is as happy when he gets it.

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  1. Commit to painting at least 15 minutes a day. Prime something, basecoat, wash a color, and etc.

    It is really helping me make progress and not get burnt out of painting.