Thursday, July 28, 2011

Added two more

See, it's easy to just randomly add figs. Tonight, I went to Unique Gifts & Games because I had them holding the new NQ for me, as well as a Legion MK II deck. I took my son along, because it got him out of the house for a bit, and that way he could get some more exposure to my hobbies. Anyway, not only did I pick those up, but Targ is out, and the good Dr. Arkadius needs some help from time to time. Targ is useful now, but I think he will be more so once Thornfall has more choices than the War Hog and the Gun Boar.

The store also has some figs on sale, consignment style. I have been able to resist the Pirate-based army so far - it's expensive, but not really more than simply buying all the models anyway. I could resist the Bloat Thrall, and the Reaper, but a painted Nomad for a mere $15 got the best of me. It's not a great jack, but it is cheap, and it helps bulk up Magnus a little bit. I had planned on getting one anyway.

So, my total model count goes up by 2 for the night, bringing me to 604. If I count the Nomad as done, I would have 15 done - actually more, because I have a bunch of Cygnar and Menoth figs that are "done" in the sense of "Someone else painted them, and I haven't stripped them yet."

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