Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Painting update

No pics, because I just didn't take any tonight, but I am still getting some painting done. Well, not done. More like, I go down to the basement, and basically putter around for an hour or so, and pretend that somehow, through some sort of osmotic process, the paint will magically move from the bottles onto the miniatures.

That's not entirely true, but it certainly feels like it. I have been listening to some various Warmachine podcasts when I am down there, for some sort of incentive, but I keep breaking to look up something in the book, or read the card(s) while they are talking about a particular figure or strategy. But there is progress.

Tonight, I managed to get more done on my Juggernaut and Destroyer, did the basing for my Defender, prepped the base on the Charger, did some detail work on the Lancer, some work on a unit of Shifting Stones. . . I did more, but I don't recall on what. I am still trying to paint almost every day, and I want to finish up some battleboxes as soon as possible. I just paint slowly, in addition to being easily distracted by shiny objects.

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