Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quick Khador and Circle pics

Took these in a hurry, so the quality is low, but it's proof that I am doing something.




I'll take better pics tomorrow, but my Khador battlegroup is almost done. Sorscha is better than half done - I hope to finish the skin tones, the hat & hair, and maybe the cloak tomorrow. Heck, if the kids play in the basement (thank you heat index of 100+), then that means more painting time. I would love to have Sorscha done before the weekend - it would mean that I have a pretty good chance of getting both battleboxes done before the end of the month, as my Cygnar jacks are almost done, and Stryker is at least started.

The shifting stones were just to get them out of the way, as I said. They were low-hanging fruit. I also started the base colors on my shredders, and did some assembly on the carnivean.

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