Saturday, July 16, 2011

Continuing saga of starting a new group

So, today is another chapter in my quest to get a Warmahordes group going in Kalamazoo. We average about two people per attempt, which is not great, but since the store doesn't have any PP stuff in stock yet, and there had been no signage, it is what it is.

Today wasn't even that good, since I did not actually play a game or do a demo. But, a couple of the regulars dropped by (could not stay because of family commitments), and I talked up the game with several former players, who might now be coming back to the fold.

I also made up a flyer, announcing a date and a time for demos, and noted that (1) it was free, and (2) everything would be provided. I have also been told that I should stop by on a Warhammer night, because "there are a lot of impressionable minds that you might sway." (That's a quote, BTW - and not from me.)

So, no gaming, but I did get my Ogrun Assault Corps assembled, did some work on my Bloodgorgers, and some random minor assembly. And learned a few things about airbrushes, which will be handy, if I ever decide to paint my Imperial Guard tanks.

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