Monday, July 11, 2011

Food for thought

Over on Plastic Legions, there is a post about how a game can change over the years, and a game that was a favorite just somehow, over the course of several editions, becomes less appealing than it was before. It's definitely food for thought.

I mean, yes, I label myself rather proudly as an army altaholic, and I will readily and happily confess to being ready to loose a game in as many systems as possible. But my 40k and WFB have been gathering dust for several years, more or less, and maybe I could cut an army or three loose. I mean, I have an IG army with something like 10 or 12 Leman Russ tanks that I haven't used in the dice gods only know how long, and the same goes for my Tau. Both have been sitting, waiting for me to break down and get an airbrush, rather than paint a couple dozen vehicles with a brush. Either one of those has got to be worth a reasonable Warmachine or Hordes army, if not something for another system.

On the other hand - we have moved because of my wife's job before, and it is always a distinct possibility that we will have to do so again. And no matter how popular Warmachine, or DBA, or Uncharted Seas might be here, our next location might be another gaming desert, where it is either GW games, or nothing. It has happened before, and, speaking from experience, it is generally easier (and cheaper) to pick up the current rulebook, codex, and a unit or three than try to start again from scratch.

I'll be thinking about it, but if someone makes a random offer, say Legion of Everblight or Khador, for a lot of armored guard, or a decent-sized Tau army, I might think about it a lot more.

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