Thursday, July 14, 2011

WIP & Color test

Just posting to prove that I haven't been lounging in the basement, goofing off and ignoring the piles of unpainted metal. (Sure, others have more, but I just view that as a challenge. Besides, even though Bartertown is currently down, I still collect new figs faster than I paint them. So, these are all WIPs or color tests, since each one is basically the beginning of a new army. (Heck, who am I kidding - I have four (4!) figures painted. Everything could be a color test for a new army.)

Anyway, first up is Khador.


As you may guess, my Khador will be loosely modelled after WW II Soviet forces - it fits thematically, and, since I have a bunch of Strelkovy sitting around for Flames of War, I had the paints too. This is the whitewash winter scheme - the whitewash had a tendency to wear off, especially around the edges, which is what I am going for here.

Next up is Cygnar.


The Cygnar is based off one of the alternate color schemes in one of the later MK I expansions, Escalation. This one is Fort Falk, which I prefer to the normal Cygnar blue. I might do my Magnus figs in the deeper blue that got mentioned somewhere in the fluff, however. (For the record - my Menoth will probably be in the Sanguine Escutcheon color scheme. Not far enough along on anything for it to be worth a pic though.)

Here we have my attempt to match Tonka yellow:


It's a little closer than it looks in the photo, but it's not quite what I want just yet. Unfortunately, I am not sure I wrote down all the steps, so I need to do a couple armor plates on another Rhulic jack soon, just to see if I am correct.

Last, but not least - I decided that I might strip my partially painted Retribution figs, and go back to square one.


It's simple, it's easy, and I think it will work well when I finally buy and paint my battle cricket. . . .I mean, Arcane Force Generator.

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