Thursday, March 22, 2012

Addendum to yesterday

So, yesterday, I talked about how I don't subsribe to the "I won't buy more than I paint" philosophy. It came to mind again because I caught a reference to an old thread on the PP forums, where people were talking about painted collections.

On July 14 of 2011, I said:
Painted? 4 models, all beasts or jacks, for a total of 24 points. Unpainted? Another 598 models, though once B'town is up and running again, I stand a good chance to blow past the 630 mark.

Almost all of those are assembled, primed, and partially painted. I am doing that weekly challenge, but my main challenge each week has not been to finish figure X or unit Y, but to paint 7 hours per week. Unfortunately, it gets split between terrain, getting the last of the stuff assembled, color tests, and so forth.

I posted (on my blog, see shameless plug below) my Retribution and Khador color tests. I'm pretty sure that I like them well enough to keep going forward with them. If I do, it means that I will very quickly take care of a unit of Invictors and a couple of Khador jacks in the next week or so.

Leaving my failed prediction aside (about the Retribution and Khador stuff), in the last 8 months, I have gone from 4 painted figs to about 30 painted figs, and from 598 models to 745 models. So, on the plus side, instead of painting 1 figure in 150, I am up to 1 painted model in 25. On the downside, instead of having 594 models to still paint (and be caught up), I have 715 models to paint before I catch up.

I did some painting last night, and so far today, I got a Thunderhead mostly assembled (needs some greenstuffing still), and primed a Stormsmith. I have a couple of 'jacks nearing completing (which fulfills my 5 point requirement), and am working on infantry, which is the bulk of my collection.

(As a side note - the Talion stuff that I got was painted, and nicely so. I count them among my collection, but not among my painted models, so the count of what has been painted is actually low by about 20-30 figs, if I counted up all of the models I picked up second-hand.)

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