Friday, March 2, 2012

Better than yesterday

I haven't bothered trying to put S&D back together again, but I did spend some quality time at the painting table tonight, listening to a podcast and working on some piggy goodness. I wasn't originally planning on working on my pigs this month, but since doing a couple of warbeasts (or jacks) per month will let me achieve the 5 pts/month for 2012, but make no dent whatsoever in my unpainted collection, I needed to do some infantry.

And seeing the Road Hog made me thinking about my pigs again. Over on Steam-Powered Gamer, there is a post about the Road Hog. I can't disagree too much with his conclusion - basically, that the Road Hog is really only going to see play in a Carver list. Of course, since the consensus is mainly that the only Farrow caster worth taking is Carver, that kind of went without saying.

I like the good doctor, but I have to admit that he is not a terribly effective warlock. S&D can be fun, and sure, Arkadius' feat turn can be a blast, but right now, Carver is pretty much the way to any sort of victory.

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