Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trade post

Clearing out some old terrain projects:


They are based on cork, and the cork has been sealed with glue. (Never tried it before, so I cannot vouch for it's long-term durability, but it has worked so far.) The pyramids are hollow, which helps keep them lighter, but it does mean that you can punch through the cork on the underside if you don't use some care. (Yes, the tower on the right is a little crooked - it slipped a little before the glue set.)

Anyway, they were made using the Hirst Arts mold and cast in Ultracal 30. The fig is intended for sense of scale, and not included.

I also have a Wizard Tower:


I made this years ago for a game store, where it was used and abused. I eventually got it back and fixed it up. It's been reglued a couple of times, and needs a better paint job. I'll toss in some extra bricks as part of the trade on this one, just in case it needs repair in the future. It was also made with Ultracal 30, and the fig is for scale, but not included. (Both roof pieces are removable, but I do not have pics of it with those off.)

I am looking for either trade for Warmachine or Hordes figs, although I will sell them instead. My current WM/H omnibus wishlist can be viewed at:
http://armyaltaholic.blogspot.com/2012/ ... rt-ii.html

Items in red have been acquired since the list was made. If you have something not on that wishlist, LMK - I have only one of a lot of units that are FA:2 (or more), and could always use multiples of non-character jacks or beasts. Not interested in casters who are not on the list, however.

I might also accept Heavy Gear figs, or items from Spartan Games (Uncharted Seas, Firestorm Armada, Dystopian Wars).

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