Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A short reprieve

I need to post a short batrep of the weekend (short version - played two games, won both, though I did not deserve to win the first), but won't get to it until later today. In the meantime, I found out that I have a one day reprieve - some figures that I was expecting today won't be in until tomorrow, so tonight's painting will not be distracted by Shiney New Object (SNO) syndrome.

The pigs continue, and yes, I need to take pics. In the meantime, they show at least some progress from day to day, and I hope enough that it would obvious to most people at least from week to week. Still thinking that I might need to have a backup plan, in case I do not finish at least 5 pts of infantry before the 22nd or so - I have a couple of models (a solo and some lights) that I could take care of this weekend, if the slaughterhousers and bone grinders are still giving me fits.

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