Friday, March 23, 2012

No painting today

Fridays are just a bad day for painting, most of the time. Between GMing, and that pesky real life stuff, I just don't generally get the time. So, today, I tried to make a dent in the pile (a small one, to be sure, but still present) of miniatures that are not yet assembled. So, I managed to get my winterguard rockets put together, as well as my stormblade WA, and got some minor assembly work done on the rest of the stormblade unitl

I think, in addition to my 2012 goal of wanting at least 50 points of every faction, contract and pact, I have a new goal - I want to stop proxying figs. I probably won't stop cold-turkey (in fact, I have a list tomorrow that requires at least one proxied solo), but I want to be done with running any proxies by GenCon. I have more than enough figs for most of my factions to run at least a 35 pt list, and several have much more - there should be no need for me to run proxies, right?

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