Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Finally picked up my 2-player starter. My FLGS had been having some problems getting PP merchandise in stock, but that's all in the past (well, aside from some of the usual PP stocking wonkiness, but that' another story.) Anyway, he still does not have much in - a few Warmachine starters, some faction books and decks, some dice, and a few copies of NQ 41 and the 2-player starter, but that's a beginning. He also got in some of the new releases. I can pick up the extra bits for Hypnos and Ghetorix, but the plastic kits for those won't be in for another week or so.

So, while I have painted 2 figs this month, I picked up 17, plus another 15. The sad thing is that means that I have still made progress on my ratio - although, at 1:25 (painted to non), and with 750 plus figs, it's hard to really move it one way or the other. April and May should have more painting time, so I hope to get more infantry done, and start chipping away, maybe even getting down to 1:20 before GenCon at the end of the summer.

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