Saturday, March 24, 2012


My FLGS has finally started getting PP products in stock. It's been a long, hard road sometimes, but as of last week, he had in two of each of the 4 basic WM starters, a couple copies of Prime, three of the faction books (Cryx was backordered), three of the decks (missing Khador, I think), and some dice. And yes, some of it has already started selling. Got to play a couple of games this afternoon, and wound up doing an impromptu demo, which is always nice.

More stuff should be arriving Monday or Tuesday - including some stuff for me (which was also backordered, but supposedly already on its way).

He has also agreed to a tourney, so now I just need to decide the format, make up the flyers, and spread the word. Hooray!

The flipside, of course, is that I need to make sure that I have enough terrain for 8 tables, and really know the SR2012 docs. So, while I am going to keep working on painting stuff for the 2012 challenge, I might wind up just finishing two bonejacks tomorrow for the 5 point minimum, and then start working on terrain.

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