Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Painting piggies

I really need to take the camera with me when I head down to the basement. It's not that it is this huge distance, I mean, from the computer I am using now to my painting desk is only 30 feet or so, but it's just enough that I am not really willing to head down there again, turn on the lights, and take some bad pics.

Anyway, though there is no proof of it, you can take my word that the piggies are coming along, albeit slowly. This week has had a lot of real-life distractions, and the week isn't done yet, so they'll just keep coming along. But, the Slaughterhousers and the Bone Grinders have been the primary beneficiaries so far, but the smaller units are letting me test skin tones, armor schemes, etc without much worry. (And, since the Bone Grinders are single-piece figs, I can strip them a lot easier than other stuff, since I won't have to worry about reassembly afterward.)

One slaughterhouser and two bone grinders are actually approaching the point (and may pass it by Sunday) where they might be mistaken for fully painted models. Once I know how I like the armor on one slaughterhouser, I then repeat the process (much more quickly, since I am not deliberating on colors or anything) on the rest of the unit.

The brigands are still stuck mainly on skin tones. Not because I do not know where I am going with them, but simply because there are 20 brigands, and that's a lot of models to paint. One war hog is undergoing repairs and a slight modification to make it fit on the base better, and one gun boar is more than half done, I think.

My other project is basically done, but I need to take pics of it. And, I need to plan an event or four between now and GenCon, because I have the feeling that I am going to want a lot of PG points in the next few months. So, it means I need more terrain, and I need to reread the SR 2012 rules.

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