Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paint one, buy one

There is a reason that I did not take that as a resolution at the beginning of the year. So far, I have painted a mere 4 miniatures this year (boo!), and purchased one (Kara Sloan), and traded for another 15-20 Talion figs. I also picked up a couple of Khador figs (Karchev and Behemoth) this past week, and will probably pick up a unit of winterguard rifles this weekend as well. I also have a min unit of Blackbane's Raiders on order (thanks to this pic). I also should be getting my 2-player starter soon (really, honest!), which adds another 17 figs.

So, keeping track, that's 4 figs painted, and another 51-56 figs. On the plus side, I was only about 2-3% painted before, so the ratio isn't changing much, and the Blackbanes will paint very quickly, if I steal the scheme in the pic.

I am trying not to feel too bad about it - after all, my goals were to play more (which I am generally doing), paint more (which I am definitely doing), and fill holes in my collection in a fairly non-random and targeted manner, which I also have been doing. But I will be happy when I finish 40-50 infantry models for the year, a goal which is still more than possible.

So, for now - I'm headed down to the basement to assemble some stuff, and work on painting some things.Link

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