Sunday, March 4, 2012

The pigs go marching in

March-ing, right? So yeah, I am working on Minions this month. I think it was the Road Hog preview, but it may also have been because I have some low-hanging fruit that I want to keep around until later in the year, when time is short, and I need an easy 5 points for the month.

So, this month, I am trying to get as much of the following done as possible:

2 max units of brigands
max unit of bone grinders
unit of slaughterhousers
2 war hogs
2 gun boars
1 razorback
and all 3 warlocks.

Now, how much of that will get done? I don't know. It may well be that, come the 23rd or so, I will look at all the unfinished stuff, curse, and grab one of the low-hanging fruit and finish off a blackhide wrastler. But I really want to get some infantry done, too.

In the meantime, I will be playing my pigs this month. It's a pretty limited army list, but since I will probably be taking Minions to GenCon (mostly Iron Arena, since I am not yet up to tournament standards), I want to start getting some practice in. Next month might be gators, although I will chose a non-minions faction for my painting

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