Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another three steps back

It's "Meet the Teacher" night, so I may not have any hobby time.  No hobby time means that I won't finish anything tonight.  But, that's not losing ground, is it?

No, but getting a Druid Gone Wilder, a Trollkin Kilt Lifter, and a Bombadier Bombshell in the mail today means that my playable collection gained two more models - three if a TO will let me use it for a Fennblade leader.

On a semi-related note, I currently have 4 Warlands vehicles.  Today or tomorrow, I will probably place an order that will add 4 bikes, 3 vehicles, and the bits to convert a half dozen hot wheels cars to death machines.  I think that I can finish all those in a weekend, once I have them all in place.  They won't need much in the way of detail, unless you count weathering and rust.  The rust I plan to do by undercoating in red primer, and then using the salt technique that was in NQ a few issues back.

I can't wait until school starts next week - this SAHD (stay-at-home dad) plans to gain some painting time, at least for a few weeks (until everyone catches on that I am doing it), and make headway in my collections.

I might start with the smaller collections - I will have the Warlands figs above (say, 15 vehicles, maybe), plus MERCS (30 figs at the moment), plus Malifaux (35 or so), plus Dystopian Wars (maybe 130 models, between all the fleets).  By that standard, my Ogres are a pretty small collection - 18 Ogres is almost 900 points, so that's most of an army right there.

Not that I am dropping my Warmachine stuff, by any means.  I need to keep painting at least 5 points per month, after all.  That's got to be at least one model, and I really should go after those low-hanging infantry units, like Immortals and  Men O'War - both are more than 75% done, so I should be able to knock those out in short order, if I have to.


  1. As a fellow teacher wargamer, I know that feel, bro. I am also drowning in models, but still bought the Reaper kickstarter. We would have been fools not to, right?

  2. I'm a stay-at-home dad, but I spent a fair amount of time at the Meet the Teacher last night - two classes to visit, and then I had to man a booth for a while. Once that was done, it was dinner, mow the lawn, etc. By the time I could have painted anything, I was brain-fried and tired.

    And yes, we would have been fools (or, at least, non-RPG players) to pass on the Reaper kickstarter.