Friday, August 31, 2012

Moutain King, take 1

Got in a game with Mike (midwestjedi) at Unique Gifts & Games tonight.  We were trying to avoid a mirror match, so he brought Skorne, and I took the opportunity to try out one of my newest toys: the Mountain King.

I was running the following:
Jarl, Devil of Thornwood
Mountain King
Full unit of Krielstones
Full unit of Sluggers
Jannisa Stonetide

Mike was running:
Dominar Raseth
Min unit of Paingivers
Gatorman Posse (full) & Taskmaster

I won the roll, but had him deploy first - once I had placed the mountain king, who, by the way, I am currently calling "Bubba."  We spent several turns dancing around, neither one wanting to be the first to commit to a charge.  My sluggers continued their streak of being fairly ineffective - in this case, they did some damage to the posse, but Bubba alone killed as many as the full unit of sluggers,.

Realizing that the ranged game would eventually let me whittle his forces down to something that I could easily chew through, Mike charged forward with the bronzeback and the 2 remaining gators, leaving me with one lone, knocked down slugger.

On my turn, the slugger stands, and steps away, dieing to the free strike.  I use Jarl to pick off the gators, and Bubba turns and obliterates the bronzeback.  I figure that, between the general toughness of Bubba, the whelps he sheds, and the protective aura from the krielstone, all Bubba has to do is survive the gladiator.  Blood mark, plus feat, plus enrage, and Bubba dies a nasty, brutal death.

From that point on, the game is effectively over.  Losing Bubba left me with no real hitting power.  I manage to kill the gladiator - (but not until he slame Jarl - fortunately out of Dominar's control range) but the end game winds up being a lonely Jarl, running from the cannoneer, the taskmater, and Dominar.    And he doesn't run for long.

Overall, I had fun with the Mountain King.  He's a great model, but the base size just makes running him a pain.  In 35 points, losing him is just too much of a blow to handle - he killed one heavy, and some gators, but he did not pay for himself, which is not acceptable.  I think I am going to try him again soon, although I may pair him with a different warlock.

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to try Hyperion.  But I finally picked up a blister of whelps, and Ravyn for my psychotic elves, so it's all good. 

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