Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not much progress today

The wold guardian is almost done.  I have some highlights and touch-ups to do, plus the basing.  With any luck, I will get that done tomorrow, although real life is going to try to limit my hobby time.  I would be working on it now, but I have to wait for a wash to dry before I can work on anything.  Worked a bit on the men o'war, but not sure if I will get them done tomorrow or not - again, that pesky real life thing going on.

Going to be working on a big terrain project soon, most likely.  It's destined for trade - and the trade will most likely wind up being for GW stuff.  I don't know if I should work on my Ogre army (which really needs rounding out in the special and rare unit categories), add to my Skaven (which, though numbering 70 or 80 models, may not break 500 points), or just wind up with the new 40k box set (which will be out before I get the project done).  I don't really need the marines, so I could always swap them for the Chaos, and start a third 40k army again.  Actually, I really just want the cultists - surely I can use them for Necromunda or something.  I have time to figure it out, thankfully.  And change my mind a few times in the process.

Over on Kickstarter, there is a Relic Knights one going on right now.  It looks interesting, but I am going to probably have to pass on it.  First, I really don't need to add another game and miniature line right now - GenCon and the Reaper kickstarter have been bad enough, setting my painting queue back by four or five years.  Second, I spent a fair amount of cash between those two things, and, while I could probably justify the Relic Knights, it's currently either that or an airbrush.  And third, I really do not need the grief of trying to explain some of the models, and the Soda Pop girls, to the wife.  Reaper Sophie was bad enough.

I am probably going to pick up some Warlands figs, however.  Warlands is a happy little game, set in a post-apocalyptic future, a la Mad Max.  I've had the starter box for quite some time, but did not play it until GenCon.  It's simple enough that I can teach it to my son, it has explosions and cars, which he will love, and I really only need to pick up weapon packs and some matchbox cars.

That's it for now - pizza is in the oven (late snack), the gin & tonic is mixed, and I am going to try and get through a bit more of the Malifaux rulebook tonight.  At some point, I am going to want to play that game.

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