Monday, August 20, 2012

GenCon, Day Two

(Still plugging away at these.)

Friday.  The recap for Friday is actually going to be pretty short.  Why?  Read on, and see. . . .

Okay, not much suspense.  I woke up, went for a quick run, got cleaned up, and headed over to the exhibit hall.  I got there plenty early, but I did not get the "I can get you in early" text that I had been warned to possibly expect.  I sat around, and basically watched the people in the area.

Like this Dalek.

And these folksingers.

By 2018, half the hall will be steampunk.

 At 10, the doors opened, and the maddening crowd rushed inside.  Word had spread that some items were already gone (IKRPG and Android: Netrunner, at the very least), so the rush was not quite as pressing as it had been the day before.  I made a beeline for the Privateer Booth.  There, I was put to work.  I stood at the demo tables, and taught people how to play, and how to defeat the bloody Menites with the forces of goodness and light (Cygnar, for those who were wondering).  Or, something to that effect.

I pretty much lost track of time.  From time to time, Will Hungerford would come by with a bottle of water, and see if I needed anything else.  I'd say thanks, take the water if I needed it, and keep running demos.  Eventually, another PG (Kevin, I think) came by and told me that I had to take a break.  I pulled out my phone, checked the time, and thought "Holy $($*&!  It's four o'clock!"  I thanked him, finished up what I was doing, handed the table over to him, and wandered the hall.  I wasn't really hungry, and I wanted to check out some stuff.  I headed over to the Wyrd Miniatures booth - I wanted to get some Malifaux things (like, say, the rulebook), and pick up the new Rail Crew figs.  Unfortunately, the Rail Crew wasn't in yet - I had been told on Thursday that they hoped to have it in on Friday, but it hadn't happened, although Saturday was a possibility.

No worries.  I wandered over to the Warstore booth, checked out Dropzone Commander, and picked up the Russian Land force.  I kind of wanted the bust of the Commander that came with it (as a GenCon freebie), and, although I wanted the naval force more, I did not see it.  I checked out the Heavy Gear stuff at the Dream Pod 9 booth, since it was next door.  I know I did some other wandering, and that was when I had my first revelation:

By 2018, half of the exhibitors hall will feature steampunk, in one way or another.

Anyway, I went back and finished my shift.  With only an hour and some to go, it flew past, and suddenly, the hall was closing, and I was packing up dice and tokens and out the door.  I stopped for one quick pic before I left.

I look remarkably chipper, don't I?

I zipped over to the consignment store, since I had a few hours to kill.  Remember how I talked about how the consignment store might have a few nice things in it?  Yeah - try several large boxes (like, moving boxes), full of Warmachine, Hordes, and Firestorm Armada figs.  On Thursday, the prices were too high.  Heck, on Friday, they were too high.  On Saturday, they would be irresistibly low.

I got a call from a friend, and it was back to the hotel and off to dinner.  A short walk away from the convention center, a fairly quick meal at a Mexican place (Acapulco Joe's) and it was time to grab some gear and head over to run Iron Arena from 9 pm to 1 am.

Again, Iron Arena was a blast. Talked to people from a lot of different places, and got to watch as they set up the "Who's the Boss?" tourney.  In the tourney, you make your army, but have no warcaster or warlock.  You get one, randomly assigned to you - the rules on the card get tweaked a little (e.g., warlocks gain focus manipulation, etc)  Obviously, to do this properly, you need to have copies of every single warcaster and warlock in the game.

Well, lookie here!

The only one missing in the end was General Ossrum.  Considering that he had been released at GenCon only the morning before, that's not too shabby.

Eventually, my shift was done, and I headed out, though not before grabbing pics of one last item.
He ain't heavy, he's my brother.

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