Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The haul.

As promised, the final post is a full accounting of everything that I picked up during the course of GenCon.  Let's get started, shall we?

At the con
Level 7 (given as a thank you gift)
Warmachine playing card deck (given as a thank you gift)
Warlands Tire stack (won)
Miss Terious (Malifaux)
Malifaux revised rulebook
Rail Golem
Willie the Demolitionist
Metal Gamin
Som'er Teeth Jones starter set
Evil Baby Orphanage
Directorate Escort
Aquan Prime Carrier
Aquan Prime Frigate
Centurion (old metal version)
1 blister Wolves of Orboros
Cyclops Shaman
Druid Overseer
Holy Zealots blister
Gatorman Witch Doctor (x2)
Bloody Bradigan
Reeves of Orboros blister
General Ossrum
Mountain King
Wiz War
Cthulhu Flux (+2 con promo cards)
Heavy Gear Field Manual (rulesupdate)
Dystopian Wars rulebook, v1.1 (rules update)
Russian Coalition Naval battle group
Russian Coalition Land battle group

Ram shirt
Ram mug

Druid Gone Wilder
Kilt Lifter
Bombadier Bombshell

What I did not pick up
I did not pick up Leviathans or Super Dungeon Explore.  Both look fun, both look interesting, both have a $100 price tag.  I want to play a demo before I buy them.

I also did not buy the Rail Crew starter for Leviathan.  I will be ordering it - I need to check and see how long the free shipping code is good.  (They were distributing free shipping codes to people who wanted the rail crew set, as an apology for not having it at the con.  Very classy.  And, with what I save on shipping, I could add .  . .NO!  Stop!  No more!)

 I wanted to pick up some Warlands stuff, but Aberrant apparently had booth space, and then got bumped not too long before the con.  I did not get a free shipping code, but I did get a 20% discount code, good through the end of the month.

Anyway, GenCon was a blast, and, while it was expensive, a lot of it was defrayed, mainly because I sold a lot of stuff at the auction.  Don't know yet if I can manage to swing a trip next year - otherwise, I can start saving now for 2014.  In the meantime, I will need to re-inventory my Warmachine collection (since ibodger does not track all of the models anymore), and get to work learning new rules, priming figs, and reducing the pile of lead, plastic, and resin.


  1. you really aren't missing anything from SDE. i was really stoked about it, but when i watched it being played it didn't seem like there was enough to it for the price tag.

  2. I stopped by the booth, but the line for the Soda Pop girl was pretty bad, and kept me from actually getting close enough to pay attention to the actual demo. I like the figs - and, more importantly, I think the kids would like them, but it's just too high a price tag to jump on without actually playing it.