Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pre-GenCon thoughts, musings, and randomness

So, GenCon is in a couple of days.  My first thought is a rather comforting "Holy $*&$!  I am nowhere near ready for this."  Seriously.  I have something like 35 items currently in the auction or the consignment store.  Many of them are terrain items (I am a licensed seller of Hirst Arts stuff - basically, I make terrain) - not all of them are done.  Most of them are very, very close - I should knock off a bunch of them tonight without much effort.  The others will take a bit more work, but should be done by mid-day tomorrow.

The rest of it is random gaming detritus that has collected in the basement over the years.  That stuff, I just have to bag and tag, more or less.  Easy peasy rice and cheesy.

I have a pretty good shopping list already worked up.  I want to go pick up Leviathans.  It's an alternate-earth, armored airships game, which sounds like fun.  It's going to be pricey, so I am hoping that it is worth it.

Malifaux is a game that I have been meaning to try.  I picked up a bunch of Malifaux figs in a trade a few weeks ago, so GenCon will give me a chance to go try the game.  I'll be picking up the core rules, and there is a new set coming out that looks like fun.  Metal railroad golem, a crazy Harry kind of guy with a wheelbarrow full of dynamite, and a spitting image of John Henry?  Yeah, I'm in on that.

Fantasy Flight is coming out with a new Star Wars spaceship game.  I'm not super-happy with the number of ships in the core box, especially at that price point, but I'll still almost sold on it, just because it is Fantasy Flight, and Star Wars.  I'll have to see it to push me over the edge.

Privateer Press is going to get a goodly amount of my money, especially if the Hyperion is out.  Or the Galleon.  I plan on picking up the IKRPG, a colossal or two, a gatorman witch doctor, and filling out some other holes in my collection.  If the 2-player Hordes starter is out, that's great, but I'll probably have to hold out on it for a while - both Circle and Legion need beefing up, but I want to plug some other gaps first.

I've been thinking about Wiz-War for a long time, but it has been OOP.  Fantasy Flight has brought it out again, so it looks like I can finally pick it up.  And, that really means that I will also wind up making a Hirst Arts board for it at some point.

I picked up MERCS in a trade a while ago (same trade as the Malifaux).  I'll stop by the booth and see if I can get a demo.  I have several of the factions already, but might pick up another.  I like the idea of buying one set of six figs, and being basically set for any game.

I'll do a lot of wandering, just to randomly see what is in the exhibit hall, and naturally I will check out the auction and consignment store.  (I'll be looking to see what of mine has sold, but also looking for bargains.)  And, if you happen to wander by the Privateer booth on Friday, or are in the Iron Arena area Thursday or Friday nights, stop by and say hi.

And hey - leave a comment here, if there is anything at GenCon that you think I should check out.  The exhibit hall is big, so I'm going to miss things.  A heads-up would be appreciated.


  1. I may be biased since I will be doing the demo's at Gencon but Relic Knights is a great game. I think it's at least worth going over to take a looksie :)

    If you can't get a demo of MERCS then catch up with me sometime during the con after my shifts are over. Chances are I will be playing that or Relic Knights in the open game areas :)

  2. Is the Relic Knights demo going to be over at the Cool Mini or Not booth?

  3. Yes sir. It's like one stop shopping. You can demo Relic Knights, Super Dungeon Explore and Zombicide back to back and throw in some Dark Age for extra goodness!