Monday, August 27, 2012

That Reaper kickstarter

is going to be the death of me, I swear.  I think the final tally is over 240 figs; although I did increase my pledge to also get the figure carrying case.  That gives me about 7 months (plus probably a bit more) to clean out some of my massive store of miniatures.

No pics at the moment, but I am hoping to finish at least one wold and three men o'war before the end of the month, for the monthly painting challenge.  I have also started working on the Some'r Teeth Jones box set for Malifaux, and on some Dystopian Wars figs.  The Wold Wrath is primed, although final assembly will come after some of the base colors are on.  The mountain king is as assembled as he will be for some time, because (1) he needs some green stuff work, though not much; and (2) I am planning on using an airbrush on him, at least for part of it.  The hyperion is stuck as well - waiting for greenstuff and an airbrush.

Speaking (typing?) of airbrushes, I am waffling between several different ones.  I am hoping to get to the FLGS on Thursday and try out an airbrush that they have there; it will help cement my decision.  I may have to play a game of WFB to justify using it, although I will take some Warmachine or Hordes stuff, like, say, the Mountain King and the Wold Wrath, just to. . . a-hem, "demonstate" what kind of things I want to paint.  Besides, my Ogres haven't actually been played but the once, so I suppose I should try them out again.


  1. I thought the reaper kickstarter was going to be the life of you :D

  2. Well, if I go by the "I can't die yet, I still have minis to paint" - then, yeah, I'm basically immortal. But, there is a distinct chance that I will die in a freak accident trying to carry the ginormous box of miniatures down into the basement come March.