Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wow, I'm slacking.

I'm blaming that massing GenCon series for nothing being posted in the last couple of days.  That, and I did not have much to say.  Tonight, I have three quick things:

First, I have started putting together all three of the colossals/gargantuans together.  At the same time.  At least I did not toss all the bits together into the same bag or anything.  The mountain king is certainly recognizable - the chains, whelps, etc are not on, but the majority of the model is in place.  The hyperion is a torso and legs - I will put the arms on tomorrow, but the shoulder pads of doom and the extra vents & assorted bits will probably remain off for a while.  And the wold wrath is a distant third - parts are trimmed and cleaned, but nothing glued.  I hope to have legs & torso tomorrow.  None of the three will be fully assembled until they are painted.

Which brings me to point two. I am finally going to break down and get an airbrush.  I got to try the Grex airbrush at GenCon, and I really liked the pistol grip.  I think the big honkin' 120mm based models are telling me that they need an airbrush.  So, I'm going to have to play with them unpainted for a bit until I can pick it up.  (I know, I know - me, play with unpainted figs?  Quell horror!)

Third - if you are a fan of Reaper minis, or are a GM, go check out their current kickstarter.  It has 40 hours or so to go, and it is currently just past the $2 million mark.  I'm not telling people to join in because I am worried that they will miss the goal or anything - but if you GM a fantasy game, and you can swing it, the $100 Vampire level is going to give you almost 200 miniatures.  I'm trying to keep my total on it to under $200 - but there is the clockwork dragon, and the undead one, and the figure case, and the . . . .

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