Saturday, August 25, 2012

My collection grows

But not for a few months.  I bit the bullet, and pledged to at least the vampire level of the Reaper Bones kickstarter.  It's currently (as I write this) at 229 models - which is, to be honest, less than what I will eventually be getting.  Fortunately, it (probably) won't be too much more than that, and should top out at less than 250. 

And, as an added bonus, I won't be seeing most of it until March of next year, if not a little later.  That gives me some time to work on clearing up some of the backlog. 

Yeah, like that's going to happen.  I might be making a deal tomorrow for some more figs - the Warmahordes player in me says to push for the big stuff, but after playing Mordheim at GenCon, and flipping through my WFB Ogres book, I wouldn't mind picking up a few models from the Evil Empire.  (Due to the conditions under which I am likely to be operating, I probably will not have access to the MERCS, Malifaux, or Heavy Gear lines.  Mores the pity.)

The Wold wrath, hyperion, and mountain king are all at least legs & torso.  Most of what I am going to assemble prior to painting is now assembled.  I will begin green stuff work tomorrow or Sunday - the Hyperion needs the most, I think, but the mountain king has some rough spots that would be improved with liquid green stuff.

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