Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My painting table was invaded!

I'm not kidding, either.  Well, not much, anyway.

Since early January, when I redid my painting area, pretty much the only things that have actually been on my painting table have been either Warmachine, Hordes, or Iron Kingdom RPG figs.  I think I have had a couple of other things on it, but really, I would have to stop and think about what they are.  I certainly have not touched my Orks, Ogres or Space Marines, and my DBA armies have sat collecting dust.

Not tonight, however.  Right now, in my painting area, there sit some non-PP figs.  Sure, tonight I worked on a Road Hog, a War Hog, a gatorman or two, and a heirophant.  But, I also did some base colors on some Federated States frigates (for Dystopian Wars), began a color test on a USCR figs for MERCS, and started base coats on some Silurids and Witchling Stalkers for Malifux.

I should get some decent painting time in tomorrow.  The frigates should be quick and easy - I might actually have all nine of them done by the weekend.  And the Witchling Stalkers, while characterful miniatures, should still paint quickly enough.  The MERCS figs will take longer, and I don't plan on skimping on the WM/H figs.

I am not sure if army ADD kicked in (aka new shiney syndrome), or if I just needed a break, since I have been painting in the Iron Kingdoms for more than half a year, albeit intermittently.

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