Monday, August 13, 2012

Quick GenCon Goodness hit.

In the current PP insider, there is quite a bit about GenCon.  Looks like it will be not as bad for my wallet as I feared.  Yes, I want all of the colossals and gargantuans.  But, I am willing to put some of them off longer than others.  The Hyperion will be there, and I need me one of those.  I need some Gatormen Witch Doctors.  But, fortunately for me - the Galleon does not look like it will be there.  I want a Mountain King, and the Woldwrath, but I am willing to wait on those a little longer.

Unless my auction stuff sells well.  In which case, yeah, I'm going to pick them up too.


  1. The Gatormen Witch Doctors are already available at stores.

    My problem is the 4-5 Colossals/Gargantuans that I want to purchase!

  2. Yeah, but the War Store is out of them, and neither of the FLGS in my area have gotten them in yet. It'll be a chance to pick them up.

  3. I'm thinking I *need* the 1 or 2 of the Khador heavy kits, Hyperion, Ossrum, the Druid and Bombardier.

    With Judicator not making an appearance, I feel totally safe.