Monday, December 5, 2011

Hooray for gaming! (and random thoughts)

Got in two games on Sunday - a draw between Menoth and my Rhulic, and a battlebox win (my Gators over Everblight). The Menoth game was a good one, and it could have gone either way - we called it to get in a game with the other two people who showed up, which led to my Gators doing a number on a modified Everblight battlebox.

(FWIW - if I had run my pigs, the Everblight player would have slaughtered me, I think.)

Need to clear off some space on my gaming table - I ordered some more stuff, and I have some terrain that I want to get finished up and gone before the end of the year.

Not getting rid of all my finished terrain, because there is a local con at the end of Feb that I would like to see have some Warmahordes action going on. Since it is in my area, I guess that means it would be my job to organize something.

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