Friday, December 23, 2011

Losing is fun too

So, my original plan was to drive down to Dice Dojo this evening and get a couple of games in. I forgot that the Edens can back up quite a bit, and forgot to budget some extra time for that. Add in some unfamiliarity with the area, some poor directions, and I got there somewhat later than originally planned.

I did mange to get a game, however. Dan (I think) was running pigs, and he had Carver, 2 War Hogs, a Gun Boar, Rorsch & Brine, a unit of slaughterhousers and a unit of brigands. On my side, I had Maelok, an Ironback, a Wrastler, a Bull Snapper, two full units of Gatormen, a Croak hunter, and swamp gobbos.

Long story short, I lost, and fairly badly. No complaints - I deserved to lose. It was the no-man's land scenario, and deft use of Quagmire pretty much kept one of my units of Gatormen out of the game. My only hope at the end was an assassination run, and it failed. I got close, but close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and 5" templates.

The important thing is that I had fun, and I hope to get in another game or two tomorrow.

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