Saturday, December 10, 2011

Win some, lose some

Got in two small games with Maelok today. Won the first against a legion list (eThag, Typhon, some shredders), mainly because the shredders were in the way of Typhon and eThag, and I used feat to get past them to the crunchy warlock center. Could have gone the other way though.

Lost the second against a Xerxis Skorne list. Bronzeback, Gladiator, min paingivers and the beatstick. It wasn't even close. I almost managed to eke out a victory - I had Xerxis down quite a bit, he had no fury, but I had to resort to slamming one of my gatormen into him to try and finish him off. When it didn't work (and, frankly, it was a long shot at best), I was done. It was a go big or go home attempt, and I got spanked for it.

Good games, both of them. I think Barnabas is still my favorite gator, but once the boneswarm and the witch doctors are out, Barnabas might have to take a back seat.

Next week, I think I will take my pigs. Sturm and Drang need some testing too.

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