Thursday, December 29, 2011

Third time was not the charm

So, I got in yet another game tonight, this time at Unique Gifts & Games, up in Grayslake. It's not too far from the in-laws, which turned out to be rather fortunate. I got there a bit early, and browsed shelves for a bit until other people showed up and I could get a game in. I met my opponent, we agreed on points, set up the table, I pulled my figs, tokens, dice, etc. And then started looking for my cards. And looked. And looked. And came to the realization that I had left them back at the in-laws.

The fact that there were children present kept me from using the language that I wanted to use, but I begged out (missing an eCaine match-up), ran back, picked up the cards, and came back in time to get in a game.

My opponent (Chris) was running the Heavy Armor Battalion theme list from NQ #39. At 35 pts, he had:
  • eIrusk
  • Behemoth
  • Juggernaut
  • Gun Carriage (x2)
  • min unit of mechanics (x2)

I was trying out Sturm & Drang, also a theme list, and had:

  • Sturm & Drang
  • Warhog (x2)
  • Targ
  • max units of Brigands (x2)
  • Slaughterhousers

The game did not go well. I chose the wrong personality, and also chose to go second. I should have chosen Sturm and gone first. I would have fared better.

Without going into a long, drawn-out, and pictureless report - by my second turn, my slaughterhousers were dead, as was one of the war hogs. I did manage to kill a mechanic and one of the gun carriages, but I could not get to his caster. He wiped out my last warhog, and although I almost managed to take out the second gun carriage (literally, I left it on its last damage box), but there was nothing I could do to stop the Behemoth from stomping S&D into the ground.

Good game, and I had a lot of fun. S&D is definitely a tricky warlock to play - I will have to give him another try. I already have some modifications to the list that I want to try, and cannot wait until I get the chance to lose with him again.

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