Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Trimming (but not the tree)

On the good news front, I got the sluggers either primed or ready for priming (depending on the fig), as well as the scattergunner UA. I still have some scattergunners unassembled, and that probably won't be fixed before the weekend, but I'll play them anyway.

On the bad news front, the magnets in both the torso and one of the heads shifted as I was gluing them, and I really don't like the way they are currently seated. So, tomorrow, I have to get them out and try it again - I thought about doing it tonight, but decided that it just wasn't worth the effort right now.

Still trying to decide what to take for the weekend. I generally take battlebox forces to loan out, and I have been taking some Legion, Menoth and Skorne stuff to loan as well. I then take an army or two to try out. I usually don't get in more than one or two games, but that's a darn sight better than zero. Anyway, I want to take my pigs, so Sturm & Drang can get a road test, but I am wondering if I should just take some trolls, now that I have a new unit, a new UA, and a new 'lock.

And I need to think about my holiday travels as well. I'll take along paints, supplies, and a couple of armies, since I should be able to find a game in the Chicago area, right? (Yes, I know about Games Plus and Unique Games. I will be reasonably close to both of them.)

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