Saturday, May 26, 2012


But boy, it was fun to get a couple of games in.  I'm not going to bother with battle reports - the first game was eLylyth and as many steathy friends as could fit into 35 points, versus my pNemo.  I did about as expected, without knowing anything else - I wiped out a stinger, a deathstalker, and a unit of archers, but that was about it.  I made some foolish mistakes (forgot to allocate focus!  forgot to cast for +2 Arm to my infantry, and did not use my Stormstrider well at all), but it was still a fun game.

The second game was a short one - eThags plus some beasts versus Kraye and some jacks.  I almost pulled out the win, but eThags popping out the minor warbeast kept him alive, since it gave him a viable transfer target.  Due to time, we had to call it at the end of my turn - but with Thag still alive, and Kraye within his threat range, it was over.

Anyway, I had fun.  I don't know yet what faction I will be using next week - I need to have DW pick a card box at random again.  I'm trying to go through a few factions over the next month, but I am sorely tempted to pick one, and see if I can get a couple of 35-50pt armies fully painted for Iron Arena at GenCon.

Not much to report on the painting front - the Boneswarm and the Blackbanes just need basing and sealing, and they will be done.  I should be able to get some painting time in tonight, and possibly some tomorrow night.  And, hopefully, a good couple of hours, all in one block, on Monday.

And, with the GW price increase going into affect on the 1st, I really need to get in to the FLGS on a Thursday and see if anyone is interested in trying out a new system.

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