Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not dead yet.

Not even sleeping.  Busy, however - the end of the year means wrapping up Scouts, plus I had a marathon to run, soccer games, plus there are some family things going on - all good, it just makes for a very busy gamer.

So, while I have been doing a little painting, and no gaming, there just has not been much to talk about lately.  The only gaming-related items of note are that I am trading off that Merc dice tin that I managed to pick up (gaining Hawk, Rengrave, and a Boneswarm), and trading some OOP GW stuff for a Darius and his halfjacks. 

Someone on a trading forum had a bunch of Cryx, and was looking for Tau.  Not sure that the nearly $700 (MSRP) of Tau that I offered for their $540 (MSRP) of Cryx is going to seal the deal.  And, to be frank - while I have more Tau (I offered only about 60% of what I have, more or less), I am not going to keep adding to what I have already offered.  If I wanted to do that, I would inventory all my Tau, and try to dump it for either acash deal or a full army exchange.

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