Sunday, May 27, 2012

A poll (sort of)

After thinking about it a bit, I kind of would like to have a fully-painted army for Iron Arena at GenCon.  Plus, actually having a fully-painted army would quiet those little voices in my head, at least for a little bit.

So, here is the unofficial poll: What faction should I use for this?  Don't say "whichever you like," because I like them all.  And, since I can field at least 25 in everything (every faction, contract, pact) - bumping up to 50 for one of them is pretty doable, since I have almost 3 months.

I do not promise to abide by any sort of majority vote* on this, by the way.  I may chose one in a couple of days, I may roll a D12 until I get a viable result (as in, not 12, since we have 11 factions). 

*Respondents who chose the winning faction receive nothing.  Offer void pretty much everywhere.  Void even where permitted by law.  One entry per customer, unless you feel like more. Must be 18, or have parents permission, or pretend to have parents permission, or be an animal capable of reasonably coherent thought.

Oh, and "whatever you have the most painted of already" is also bunk.  I have very little painted for any faction - being down by 3-5 minutes is not likely to be a deal breaker.


  1. Cygnar with a Stormwall. So, little to paint, but so much lightning.

  2. What do you enjoy painting the most?

  3. @Felix - I enjoy almost everything equally, actually. The stuff I enjoy painting the most is the ghostly units, because I can whip through them in no time, but other than that, it's basically the same.

    Odds are good that I am going to go beast or jack heavy, but that leaves me with lots of options, really.