Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mildly productive day yesterday

First of all, Maelok is still in pieces.  I haven't even tried to fix him yet.  But the Boneswarm is almost done, and I basically finished 4 of the Blackbane's Raiders yesterday.  Unfortunately for the 5 points per month deal, I need to finish the minimum unit before I get any credit, so hopefully the rest of the unit arrives soon.  I need to base all 5 of the figs, but that's a quick and easy project.

I hope to get a bit more done this afternoon, but my main focus will be grabbing what I need for possible demos - with any luck, I will get to make a Thursday night trek to the FLGS.  Thursdays are normally Warhammer night, but with the news of the impending GW price increase, there may be fertile ground for some demo games.  I'll just take the four main battleboxes & warpacks, plus the additional figs from the 2-player starter.

I'll also take my paint and brushes, plus some other figs.  That way, even if I don't do demos, I will feel as though I have gotten something accomplished.

Tomorrow, I'll have DW chose another deck at random, and I will pick and pack my army for Saturday.   I think I will have her chose until I have gone through all the factions, although I may have to start rolling a D12 or something after the full rotation, since she might remember which deck is which.

And, on a final note - by this weekend, I should have the dates chosen and fliers made for the June & July events at the store.  Steamroller tourneys, at least one of which will be 50 points - after all, people have to practice for GenCon, right?

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