Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vassal, but no painting

So, I didn't really do any painting yesterday.  I was going to, but it just didn't happen.  I did prime the Boneswarm, so there is that.  And I am very close to finalizing a deal that gets rid of a bunch of my 40k (Tau), in exchange for some much-needed Cryx infantry.  I'll gain a couple warcasters as well, and have some duplicate figs that I will need to sell or trade off, but that's acceptable.

Anyway, instead of painting, I got in a game on Vassal last night.  A family emergency (lost dog) kept my opponents from playing on Saturday - I got there (later than planned), we got set up, and they got the call that they had to leave.  So, last night, we had a quick game.

It was just a 15pt MM/T&C game - both of us are learning Vassal, and he wanted to try a new faction.  I had my wife pick one of my factions at random - she doesn't know the difference between them, and, while my deck boxes are color-coded, she does not know the code, so she made a pretty random choice.  It wound up being his Circle against my Legion.

His army was small - pBaldur, Megalith, and Wold Guardian.  I ran eThag, but instead of Shredder spam, I ran a shredder, a stinger, a scythyan, and a teraph.  He drew first blood (Megalith one-shotted the poor stinger that got too close), but eThag's feat turn left him with a wounded Baldur and Megalith.  Megalith squished the teraph (the only thing it could get to), and Baldy tried an assasination run, but to no avail.

The game could have gone different - he forgot to feat until it was too late, which, while it may not have changed the end result (eThag is a beatstick), it would have been a lot closer.  Hopefully sometime later this week, we will get a rematch - though DWs random deck choice means I may not be playing Legion again.

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