Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hooray for GenCon registration!

OKay, so "hooray" might not be the best of terms, since it was a frustrating process ("I clicked as soon as it went live, and I am number 1836?  WTF?"), but I managed to get 7 of the 10 events that I wanted at the end of the day, and I still have plenty of time for working the PP area, and for scoping for deals in the exhibit hall.

What did I sign up for?  A PP speed painting event, a demo of Heap, Level 7 and the new IKRPG.  I signed with some friends for a Mordheim tourney, got into a LEGO Robo Rally game, and I am going to try out Warlands.  I'll probably get a couple of generic tickets, just in case I see something interesting and have some time to fill at various and sundry points.

I missed out on the Car Wars event, failed to get into a Call of Cthulhu game with my friends, and did not manage to get into any of the Wiz-War events.  Still, I'll keep an eye out on things, and add them if they open up.  And, if they don't - well, I helped make sure that the Ogre kickstarter hit the point where Steve Jackson is going to work on Car Wars as well.  Maybe both Ogre and Car Wars will be at GenCon again next year.

I did not sign up for any Warmachine or Hordes events.  I am not nearly good enough for any of the tourneys, and the Iron Arena takes only generic tickets, so while I will be playing some Warmahordes, it won't be in any tourney environment.  Still, that doesn't mean that I don't need to get some more stuff painted.

I've been slacking on that front lately.  The Boneswarm is assembled, and should be primed tomorrow.  I have 3 Man O War shocktroopers that are approaching completion, and I have a couple other models on the way.  I just need to get down to the basement and paint - fortunately, this weekend spells the end of some of my obligations, and I get some of my spare time back again.  Tomorrow night, it's nothing but the painting table, once the kids are in bed.

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