Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quick update

I'll write a longer post tonight, but I'm almost certain which faction I will be trying to paint up for GenCon.  The only thing holding me back is that I would almost certainly not be able to field a 100-pt army - just too many models that I would need to buy, and I need to start saving my spending cash now.

Anyway, a quick count shows that I would have to paint about 90 models, maximum, including the warcasters/warlocks that I would be taking.  It's doable - I think I only have 2 of that 90 done, but I worked on 5 of them last night and this afternoon, and should have all five done by the end of this week, in addition to working on some of the other stuff.  And most of it is already started, though 10-15 models are still stuck at the primer-only stage.

Blackbanes just need some minor work on the base, and a sealing coat, and they are done.  Boneswarm still needs basing - I need to mix up some water, and that may have to wait a day or three.

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