Thursday, September 13, 2012

Basement cleaning, con't

For various and sundry reasons, some of them even tangentially related to gaming, I have not finished rounding up all my Chronopia stuff.  I hope to do that tonight.  I had forgotten just how much of it that I had - I have pretty complete armies for four different races, and, were I so inclined, I could hunt down a couple of units and singles for a fifth one, and it would be playable as well.

But, I want them gone.  The Reaper tally is going to be north of 200 figs, the Relic Knights will probably come close to half of that.  I doubt that I have 300 Chronopia figs, but I probably have more than a third of it. 

Of course, the sad part is that I am planning on selling most of it, and some portion of it will surely wind up buying more figs.  I am leaning toward Malifaux at the moment - not because I have any dissatisfaction with Warmachine, but because (1) I am distracted by New Shiny Syndrome; and (2) I want to pretend that I am catching up on my WM/H models for a while.

I still have plans to have at least one decent 50 point list for every faction, contract and compact by the end of the year.  I think (just off the top of my head) that I still need a few things for Circle, some pirates and some rhulic stuff, but I am pretty close on those.

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