Saturday, September 29, 2012

Malifaux - first thoughts

It's not so much that I am late to the party with this game, so much as that I was at a different party altogether, and had no reason to switch.  But, a couple of trades left me with a fair amount of Malifuax crews, and I decided that I finally needed to give the game a try.

So, this afternoon, after family stuff was taken care of, I pointed the car east and drove for an hour or so to go try a demo.  (Yes, I live out in the middle of boofoo - so, it's not driving an hour in traffic, but an hour on the highway, doing 70.)  When I got to the store, I first took the chance to touch base with some friends that I used to play Warmachine/Hordes with - I had forgotten that they played on Saturdays as well, though I do not know how often I would be able to get there, since that is my usual day at my FLGs.

Anyway, on to the demo!  I got given the choice between Som'er Teeth Jones and Perdita - basic box sets in each case.  I took Perdita, since I have Som'er Teeth.  We didn't play anything other than a simple brawl - nothing fancy, just trying to take each other down.

Fortunately, it was a demo, so I won.  Okay, luck has a lot to do with it - Nino flipping a bunch of high cards at the piggy, and using the family companion stuff to just pile on several shooters all at once.  With the pig down, all I had to do was (1) keep my crew alive; and (2) kill gremlins faster than Som'er Teeth could summon new ones. 

Anyway, the tl;dr version is this :Had fun, won, need to paint my stuff.  I didn't talk myself into a new crew while I was there - although there was a demo discount, I really don't need to add another crew just yet.  I'm pretty sure that I have ten or eleven crews already, and almost none of that is painted.  Maybe I should paint a crew or two first, and then add something, just to avoid the "I have 650 models and nothing is painted" syndrome for yet another system.

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