Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Quick post

First, I finally broke down.  I am almost committed to getting an airbrush, but, in a rare flash of intelligence, I realized that renting one from the local FLGS for a few days (at a very reasonable price) would be a Good Idea before buying one.  It's not the same type - they rent a single action brush, and it's also siphon feed - whereas I want double action and gravity-feed, but it's enough to let me work out some of the basics before I commit.

So far, I've managed to get it up and running, although I haven't gotten much more than blotches and spider legs yet.  And yes, I've already looked up what I am doing wrong - though watch this space, especially for "HELP!!" posts.

Second, my Rail Crew from Wyrd Miniatures arrived, along with a tape measure as an apology for the delay.  The tape measure was a nice touch - not needed, but certainly appreciated.

Thinking of appreciated - I placed an order late last week for some Warlands vehicles and accessories.  They packed it yesterday (on Labor Day, which admittedly impressed me to no end), and it apparently went out in the mail today.  Hoping they arrive fairly soon, although there is nothing in it that I need to teach my son how to play the game.

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