Friday, September 28, 2012

No painting today

I did get some work time in this afternoon, and, although I did not paint anything, I did get a couple of figures primed, and worked on assembling the rail crew.  Poor Willie will be a blank base if I even get the chance to use him - I'll have to decide what I am taking in the morning.

I'm not concerned with winning, obviously - it's a demo.  I just want to take a crew or three that will be fun to play for a first-timer.  Right now, I'm leaning toward Rasputina, Sonnia, Mei Feng, or the Viktorias.

I'll take a camera, and hopefully get a few pics. I'll definitely post something afterwards - my thoughts on the game, if nothing else.

speaking (typing?) of new games, tonight was another board game night for the group.  We played a larger game of X-Wing - it would have gone better, had not the son been involved.  He's still kind of young for it, and since it was getting late, he did not like his X-Wing (with Luke, of course) to get shot at.  We called the game so that I could send him to bed, and then we got in a game of Evil Baby Orphanage. It's an odd game, but fun - constantly changing, but there are some actual strategies involved.  EBO and Wiz-War have been the big post-GenCon hits.

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