Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Basement cleaning

On a blog I read, I came across the idea of a game audit.  It's a good idea, but there is no way that I am doing one.  I have too many games that I play too infrequently, but want to keep around.

That said, in between the Reaper Bones and Relic Knights, I am going to have a lot of miniatures arriving on my doorstep in the first half of next year.  Add in my desire to grow my Malifaux and MERCS forces, and I need to do some cleaning out.

The basement needed cleaning anyway (and still does), but I spent a good chunk of time tonight looking for all my old Chronopia figs.  I like the game, like the background, love some of the mechanics, etc - but, let's face it, I don't think I have played it in close to a decade.  Certainly not since we moved to Michigan, and that was almsot eight years ago.

I found most of them, although there are a few figures still extant.  I now need to sort through and see which pieces are missing parts, and which units are complete, etc.  Then, it's put them up on the various sites, and try to get rid of them.  I won't be making much on them, but I will be gaining some serious space, which  is at more of a premium right now than extra money.

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