Thursday, September 27, 2012

Quick Bubba pic

Obviously, still a WIP, but paint is still being applied to the fig.  All those $%(*&$% rocks are getting annoying though.

I really want to get his teeth finished so that I can put the jaw on him.  And I need to pop him off the base and finish his underside, so that I can get him permanently glued to the base.  That's my plan for the weekend, more or less.

Well, in addition to doing a quick 8 pt model or something ("Hey look - another Wold!  That'll do").  And assembling the rest of the Mei Feng box from Malifaux.  And priming same.  And priming the rail golem.  And putting Willie together.  And working on some other stuff.


  1. He's giving me a Hulk vibe, in an awesome way.

  2. I didn't really like the studio blue for the trolls. I went with green, because that was listed as the dominant color in the old d20 IKRPG stuff - and yeah, the big ones really start to feel pretty Hulk-y.