Monday, September 10, 2012

It's a disease, but I don't want the cure.

Figmentia.  Army altaholism.  Shiny object syndrome.  They all mean the same thing.

I can buy figures much faster than I can paint them.  And, I like learning new systems, playing new and different games, and generally having fun.  And, I have learned, years ago, that the best way to get people into a new game is to have two armies for it.

The problem, of course, is that two armies often arrive in the form of three or four different armies.  I started out just wanting to have a couple of armies for Dystopian Wars, just in case.  I think, at the moment, that I have at least 5 of the starter boxes.  I have something like 5 armies for MERCS, and, at last count, 5 different ones for Malifaux.

So, why bring this up?  If you guessed "Relic Knights Kickstarter," then you can give yourself a gold star.  Go ahead and go get one - I'll wait.

The good news is that I did not buy in as high as I might have initially wanted to do so.  And, they set it up so that, at certain levels, you could "sell back" extraneous rulebooks or faction starters, in order to buy some of the extras.  Even doing that, I'll wind up with enough factions that I can teach people to play.  And probably offer them their choice of several armies to boot.

The good news is that, in general, I pay for this stuff by cycling through some of the older pieces of my collection, and by making terrain.  My hope is that, by the time this kickstarter projects start arriving, I will have made a dent in the lead and plastic pile, and won't be swamped too badly by the arrival of the Reaper bones KS, plus the Relic Knights KS.  Plus any figs I pick up in trade or buy between now and then. 

One of the blogs I read just did an army audit.  I try not to do such things - I am well aware that my last game of WFB might well have been about the time that the 8th edition book came out.  That doesn't mean that I am likely to get rid of my Ogres anytime soon.  And, while I have yet to play the current ruleset of 40k, I won't be getting rid of those in the foreseeable future.  My Warmaster figs are probably safe from the chopping block, as are my Legions of Steel and my DBA figs.  My still NIB Celts and Romans are probably safe for now.  And, while I have not played FoW in several years, my Soviets are utterly safe.  And, the sad part is that I have barely scratched some of what I have.

That said, I probably will be dropping a few things fairly soon.  I have some fairly good-sized armies for Chronopia, and my Warzone stuff is moderately sized.  If I can get a decent offer for either of them, they are gone - especially if I can get either cash (to buy more stuff, obviously), or figs from games which I am currently pursuing.  

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