Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yet another picless update

I know, I know - all words and no text makes the Army Altaholic poor reading.  I should have some pics up tomorrow.

First up - the airbrush update.  I have been playing with the airbrush since Tuesday.  Tomorrow, I will be taking it back, a day earlier than planned.  Not because I am disappointed with it - well, not per se.  I wish I had a bit more control than the single action provides, but really, what I wanted to do was learn.  And, learn I did.  I spent quite a bit of time making lines, dots, spirals, and all sorts of random little squiggles of paint on paper.  I mixed paint, thinned it, thickened it, increased the pressure, tried low pressure - I did as much as I could in the hour or two per day that I was playing around with it.

I even tried painting a few figs.  Let's just say that my first attempt did not end well.  So poorly, in fact, that they are currently sitting in the Pine-Sol, I chose metal starships for a reason - simple, easy to paint, and easy to strip.  Good thing, too.

I have tried the airbrush on several other figures - one of which I will take pics of in the morning, maybe the others.  I'm actually rather pleased with one of them, and not displeased with the others, especially since I was trying something else, in addition to the airbrush.

Second - my final GenCon based order arrived.  I had held off for a little bit, post-GenCon, but last Friday, I put in an order for some Warlands figs, from Aberrant Games.  They arrived today, which is pretty darned good - especially since they packed them on Monday (Labor Day), and went in the mail on Tuesday.

I need to upgrade my rulebook to the current version, but now, when I combine the official Warlands figs, as well as the Hot Wheels which will have various items from the accessory packs glued onto them, and I have plenty to keep the son and I busy for a while.  I am hoping to teach him how to play on Sunday

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