Friday, September 7, 2012

Couple of WIP pics

I might say more later, or take better pics, but for now, here's some random content:

He wasn't my first attempt at the airbrush, but he was the last thing I did before I pretty much packed it up.  I'm generally happy with the skin tones.  I do not, however, have enough control to do really fine lines, so the stones and detail will all be done by hand.  All in all, painting his skin this way was probably not too much faster than doing it with a traditional brush, but it was easier, and I think it looks smoother overall.  I am hoping to get him firmly set onto his base today, which will make transporting him easier.

The tire stacks are done (started them Tuesday or Wednesday), but the truck is still a WIP.  I'm trying for a rust effect, but the salt technique from NQ isn't working for me just yet.  I'm reasonably happy with this so far, but I rubbed to hard or something, and got down to the resin.  I'll finish this one up (and a companion truck, not pictured here), and try it again on something else.

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