Monday, September 17, 2012

Been quiet for a few days

That's because I was sick.  Stupid sinuses - I hate this time of year.

Anyway - my Chronopia figs are gone.  If I have anything left from that system still in the house, it is only because I failed to find it.  Don't misunderstand - I really enjoyed the system, and certainly played it quite a bit, over several editions.  (And the same goes for Warzone, the SF counterpart.)  But, I frankly need to prune systems, if I am not going to actually prune miniatures from my collections.  So, Chronopia had to go.

I'm getting a bunch of Malifaux starters - they should be arriving on or about Thursday.  I still haven't played a single game, but there is a demo on the 29th that I am hoping to get to.  Getting to the demo looks doable - it'll come down to logistics.

On the WM/Hordes front - Bubba progresses slowly.  I really need to take a new pic of him though - he's starting to look like something I would not be ashamed to place on the table.  But I haven't done much painting in the last few days.  Hopefully, I get some painting time tonight.

I also have two new terrain projects - I will be making a Space Hulk board for the local FLGS (I'll get one of the Limited Edition 40k sets in trade - that way, I have a current copy of the rules, just in case I need them, to help in my outreach efforts.)  I also am going to be building a couple of boards for Wiz War - one for me, and one to sell or trade.

I think I will also be making an asteroid field for X-Wing.  I really need to get another copy of the core rules and a bunch of ships.  I want to have two or three dozens ships zipping along the asteriods, on a star mat, by Christmas.  Totally doable.

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